Employee Provident Fund

Now employers in India can use eMudhra Class 2 Gold or Class 3 Platinum Digital Signature Certificates for submitting their employee PF transfer claim form online.

eMudhra digital signature certificates make your work more easier, convenient and cost saving in handling your employee PF transfer claim forms. Now the authorized signatories of employer’s can digitally sign using eMudhra digital signature certificates and submit the form online in Employer Online Transfer Claim Portal.

Digital Signature Certificate and Employer Online Transfer Claim Portal:

EPFO has introduced a new system to facilitate online submission of transfer claims by Members with an objective to make the transfer process transparent, efficient and comfortable for your employees. A member has an option to submit his claim either through his present employer or the previous one.
Employer can see all such claim requests with ease, verify/correct member details, approve and submit the requests online through this portal. For online submission of the claims, the Digital signature (eMudhra Class 2 or above) of the authorized person is required.
There are various types of Digital Signature Certificates that cater to specific needs. While digitally signing in Employer Transfer Claim portal, a Digital Signature Certificate of Class 2 and Class 3 category is required.
A Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate is available for download after verification based on a trusted and pre-verified database.
A Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate, on the other hand, is of a higher level as it is issued only after the registrant’s identity verification has been done by a Registration Authority.

Steps to obtain Digital Signature Certificate for EOTC portal:

Authorized signatories of the employer’s can obtain a valid Class 2 digital signature certificate from eMudhra and register in EOTC portal by following below mentioned simple steps: