About Us


Softalk Consultancy And Services is growing company to provide the Best Quality Software Development in budget plus give the Best Solution for your Business. There are some key services such as Website Development, Desktop or Custom Application Development, Web base Application, providing enhancements and maintenance to running applications, provide Hosting services etc.

We believe on customer satisfaction therefore we say “grow with your company”. The involvement in business generates high business value for customers. We provide solutions for a dynamic environment where system and strategy converge.

Vision and Mission

  • Vision

A profitable company delivering value added services with the quality business solutions.

  • Mission

Loyalty business model is used in strategic management in which company resources are employed so as to increase the loyalty of customers. That’s why we say “grow with your company”.

We are believing on customer’s satisfaction , so we focus on primary activities such as Quality Control, Performance measurement, Process improvement, Service level agreement and customer satisfaction feedback.